STEP 1. Free Consultation

Making you happy.  That’s what we do best.

Lisa or Stephen Cosgrove, (or if you’re lucky, both of them) will sit down with you and listen to what you want.  Making sure we understand what’s most important to you.  Then we brainstorm together and find the best solutions to create your remodeling dreams and solve design problems.

For complex jobs, Stephen Cosgrove, the engineer, works his magic.  He will walk you through all the construction and engineering details.  Can you remove that wall without the house collapsing? Where are the most cost effective places to exhaust the new fan in the kitchen?  He understands what’s possible, what’s practical and what’s not.

Sometimes, our clients aren’t sure what they want. We take the time to ask the right questions, to draw out what may be hiding in the back of your heart or mind, that will make this room feel a little bit more like your castle.   We may suggest something you hadn’t considered, and find that you love it.

Your budget, your timeline, we’ll review them both to get a clear picture of what you want.

STEP 2. Dream Design

Here’s where Lisa’s design skills and empathy shine! “Remodeling Dreams Made Easy” isn’t just a motto, it’s our lifeblood.  To help you decide HOW to create the look you want, we spend time with you on design websites such as or  Finding images of rooms, you love, and discovering exactly which element in the room turns your buttons: is it the cabinets, the wall color, maybe you simply love the light fixture.  We create an Idea Book to save your preferences and design ideas.

STEP 3. Interactive Design Review

We take the design we came up together and turn them into a gorgeous set of 3D color drawings.  We schedule a time that we can review our drawings together-virtually.  Special software allows you to see our screen, and you can see our architectural drawings.  The fun part is we can make changes instantly. Don’t like that color? No problem, we’ll change it.  Not the right tile? It’s changed.  Is that wall too short or long we can change it.  This dynamic, interactive process makes sure we nail the design, and you love it.

STEP 4. Proposal Presentation

Once we have the design details decided, we’ll create a detailed, comprehensive proposal.  We give you lots of options so you can control how much you spend.  Don’t need the heated tile floor? OK, that’s an option you don’t choose.  Love the tile niche in the shower? Great, we’ll add that, and you’ll know exactly how much each of these optional elements costs.

To make sure everything in the proposal is clear and understood, we present our proposals in person.  This also gives you a chance to get to know us better and see if we’re the kind of folks you want in your home every day for a few weeks.

STEP 5. Material Selection

Once we have a signed contract the fun part starts, and we get to go shopping.  We have preferred vendors in the city that we find have the best value and quality.  Lisa will take you to the shops to choose the cabinets, tile, backsplash, hardware and countertops.  It’s always an exciting and organic process to see it all come together.

STEP 6. Pre-construction meeting

To make sure the project runs smoothly and on time, we schedule a meeting to review all the details, timelines and how to prepare for the project.  Do you have cats that like to escape? An elder that can’t take noise before 9:00 am? We’ll work out the logistics.

STEP 7. Construction

This is where our master craftsman Phillip Cosgrove and our crew express their skill.  They will make sure each task is done correctly, to code, and as agreed.  He will coordinate with the subcontractors, keep the schedule on time, and go over any questions you have.

STEP 8. Completed Project

Our 14 step checklist ensures perfection. At the walk through, so you are satisfied, hopefully thrilled.

STEP 9. Post Project Follow Up

Look forward to our call 60 days after completion; we want to make sure you are still happy.