Design Build Services in Potomac/Rockville

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With a team of design experts and a vision for creative spaces, Cosgrove and Sons offers a step-by-step plan to ensure top quality and customer satisfaction. Whether you need complete renovations, in-law apartments, or exterior design projects, our construction professionals can help you unlock the potential of your space.


A design build from Cosgrove and Sons gives you maximum flexibility and customization options to make sure you end up with the perfect build. Our simple process will save you money and headaches. Our team will handle everything from design to construction, so you’ll get better results in less time. If you live in the Potomac or Rockville area, you won’t find a team more dedicated to your success.

Remodeling Your Kitchen

Why make it more complicated and end up with something you don’t love? At Cosgrove and Sons, we have extensive experience when it comes to design builds. Our design process gives you the chance to envision a bold new space with advice and insight from professional construction experts. We can help you maintain the character of an older home or modernize your lifestyle with cutting-edge design options. Whatever you want to see, we’ll make it happen.


As your lifestyle changes – new job, new partner, children, empty nest, retirement – it’s often a struggle to get the most of your space. Many people resort to moving locations to keep up with changes to their needs. With design build solutions from Cosgrove and Sons, you can stay in your space and enjoy your home for many years to come.


Our design team will work closely with you and your family to make sure you have the perfect space, now and in the future. Why spend all that money on real estate fees, legal fees, and moving expenses? Stay in your space with a smart renovation or addition project with help from the pros at Cosgrove and Sons

From a small project like a new media center to big ideas like additions and design builds, we’ve got you covered with professional service and a dedicated team working for you and your family.