What You Need To Know About Refinishing Your Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets can make or break how a kitchen feels, which is why they are typically the first thing to go when homeowners undertake a kitchen remodeling project. If you’re tired of looking at your dated cabinets and want to revive your kitchen with something new, you may be wondering if it’s worth your time to refinish them, or if you should replace them entirely. Here are some considerations to make to help you decide:


Do You Like the Doors?

Oftentimes, homeowners are just tired of the color or finish of their cabinets rather than tired of the cabinets themselves. If you like the look of your doors but just want to change the color scheme of them, refinishing would be a lot less work than replacing them entirely. However, if you want raised paneled doors but your existing doors are flush, no amount of paint or finish will give you the look you desire, and replacing them with new doors would be your best bet.


Do Your Cabinets Function Properly?

Cabinets need to be functional as well as pretty. Do you have enough space to properly store your food, dishes, cleaning supplies and pots and pans? If you’re shoving cans in with pots, and cups in with plates, your kitchen remodling project may benefit from new cabinets that meet your storage needs.


Do You Like the Layout of Your Kitchen?

A kitchen’s layout is centered around the cabinetry. If you don’t like the layout of your kitchen, it may be because of your cabinets. Scrap the old cabinets for a fresh slate, and then speak to a remodeling professional about what you would like your new kitchen to look and feel like.


A kitchen remodeling project is a huge undertaking that requires careful consideration and planning. One thing you will have to think about is whether you want to refinish your existing cabinets or replace them. Give careful consideration to the above questions to decide, and reach out to Cosgrove & Sons when you’re ready to get started!