Simple Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Without Undertaking a Full-Scale Remodel

Kitchen Remodeling Questions

Kitchen remodeling projects are the most popular remodeling projects each year. This is because the kitchen is truly the heart of any home, and whether a homeowner wants to improve the feel of their home or increase the resale value of it, a new kitchen is just the solution they need to make it happen. However, if you don’t have a huge budget, or if you like some elements of your kitchen but not others, you don’t need to take on a full-scale remodel to give your kitchen new life. A few minor adjustments may be just what your kitchen needs to be the heart of your home you want it to be.


Upgrade the Fixtures

If you’re tired of looking at the dated brass fixtures in your kitchen, or if that fluorescent light is officially driving you crazy, it won’t cost much to have new hardware installed. A kitchen remodeling contractor can easily replace the old pull handles, sink hardware and light fixtures with new modern and sleek ones in a single day.


Add an Island

Tired of your prep space being the same space where you dry your dishes and place miscellaneous mail pieces? Does it seem like your storage space has shrunk since you bought your home 15 years ago? An island can be just the solution you need! If your kitchen has the floor space, an island can provide the additional counter and storage space you want and need.


Invest in Roll Out Cabinets

Roll out cabinets are truly the best invention since sliced bread. Now, you can store all your snacks in a single cabinet and not have to worry about food going bad because it was left forgotten in the back. If you’re tired of your cleaning supplies taking up residence with your trash under the sink, a roll out trash can clear up space under the kitchen sink and provide a sleek way to hide your trash.


Kitchen remodeling projects don’t have to be extensive. By determining what you want and need out of your kitchen, you can make slight improvements that greatly increase the look and functionality of the heart of your home. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to Cosgrove & Sons today!