An Easy Solution For Complex Building Projects

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Commercial building projects often entail many complicated and interconnected processes. Experts in vastly different disciplines such as structural engineering, electrical contracting and plumbing, to name just a few, must work together in concert to a successful completion. One method of project management known as design-bid-build places the responsibility for coordinating all the moving pieces that go into a building project on the owner. Another approach known as design-build uses a single entity to act as an umbrella that handles all of the contractual details so the owner can focus more on the actual project as a whole instead of keeping up with all the individual parts. Use of a design-build firm is growing in popularity because of its ability to streamline the most complex building projects.


In the past, the design-bid-build method could require that companies involved in big construction projects hire a full-time team of additional employees just to keep up with the contractual agreements between themselves and the various building contractors involved in the project. The more complicated the project, the more entangled and hard to sort these contracts became. If something went wrong, it was too common for the blame to be passed around among the entities involved. It was sometimes difficult for the building owner to figure out who was to blame for schedule delays, cost overruns or poor building performance. The use of a design-build firm eliminates many of these problems since one company that is well-versed in managing large construction projects is responsible for all the contractors and how they fit into the overall building project.


Using design-build as opposed to design-bid-build frees building owners from the detailed and often tedious scheduling procedures most agree that experts in the field of project management handle best. When a problem does eventually arise, the design-build firm is responsible for sorting it out and getting everything back on track.