About The Cosgroves


The Cosgrove Team has more than 100 years of combined skills and specialized experience to create your dream home. Our company story began with founder and lead Engineer Steven Cosgrove in 1990. Hailing from a long line of Master Craftsmen in England, Steven passed his knowledge and passions to his sons and our team.

More Than Means To An End


We are thrilled each and every time customers tell us how happy and confident they are with our team members and our results. Working within your home with your family (and maybe some animal companions, too) is a great responsibility that we hold dear to our hearts and fully appreciate. To us, the building process is just as important as the finished product, and we guarantee to treat your home with the same level of care and respect as we would our own.

Our Mission

With a focus on customer care, our mission is to seamlessly combine creativity and innovative design with award winning craftsmanship, engineering expertise and quality assurance to create your ideal space. With decades of experience, we are adept at spotting potential issues that may disrupt the project, addressing them quickly and proactively to ensure a process that is as simple and easy as possible for the client, with their vision is always at the forefront of our plans.


Your design choices will dictate the selection of tile, cabinets, faucets, etc. We’ll work closely with you to blend your taste, style and personality with our industry expertise and experience to develop a one-of-a-kind solution that is uniquely yours. Throughout the years, we’ve cultivated excellent relationships with various suppliers and merchants to provide the best prices available and reliable project materials – so you can be sure we’ll always find what our clients needs to bring the project to life!


Cosgrove and Sons

Our Service Area

Our service area includes Montgomery County, Howard County, Prince George’s County, MD



Stephen Cosgrove 

Principal Engineer and Managing Partner


stephen cosgroveTrained in England as a Structural Engineer, Stephen is a third generation Master Craftsman with a focus in carpentry and an appreciation for Old World process and superior quality standards. Stephen has a passion for the outdoors and especially enjoys getting away for a quick mid-day fishing trip whenever his schedule allows.





Lisa Cosgrove

Principal Designer and Managing Partner


Lisa CosgroveLisa is a trained artist and passionate, talented designer with a life long love of color, tile, finishes, and everything design. Lisa is a certified National Kitchen and Bath Association designer whose favorite professional reward is the look on a client’s face when the project is revealed. In her spare time, she spoils her dogs, practices yoga, and dances with abandon.

Phillip Cosgrove 

Master Craftsman & Project Manager


PhillipPhillip is a fourth-generation Master Craftsman and Project Manager who has trained with his Dad (our founder) Stephen Cosgrove for more than a dozen years. Philip is meticulous in executing each detail with precision and quality, while ensuring good communications with clients. In his spare time, Philip is a health food gourmet and nature enthusiast.

Felipe Santander



FelipeFelipe is a highly skilled Tile, Marble, and Granite Specialist who helps to create beautiful kitchens and baths while making sure the worksite is in order and the day’s tasks are running smoothly. Felipe is also a talented photographer whose beautiful photos are proudly displayed on our website.







Recreation Consultant


Coco is a dedicated member of The Cosgrove Team who ensures that Employees take a few moments each day to have some fun and get some exercise (preferably by playing ball with her). Coco keeps up the spirits of Team Members and so they remain happy and limber.


Health & Wellness Consultant


Mollie has been successfully providing wag benefits, doggie-kiss skin treatments, and happy greeting services to The Cosgrove Team Members for years. Mollie recently added massage therapy to her offerings…that is, offering herself as a candidate for our Team Members to massage and pet while she smiles and wags, providing stress relief and positive reinforcement the canine way.